VIM Hydration Pack

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VIM Hydration Pack

Slim and ergonomic hydration pack with perfect fit. Hydration reduced to the max. Side nets and a zippered compartment make room for the essentials. Includes 2L / 70oz Widepac™ Hydration System. -  Available in different colors.


Hydration Pack reduced to the max

The VIM hydration pack comes with a 2L / 70oz Widepacâ„¢ hydration system. It's designed for perfect ergonomic fit, ideal for runs, walks and bike tours where no additional cargo is needed - or where somebody else does the carrying. A zippered compartment and side net pockets make room for the essentials.

VIM Hydration Pack Features

  • Lightweight Fabrics - Ripstop 70D Nylon
  • Insulated hydration compartment with vertical opening
  • Adjustable sternum belt
  • Mesh shoulder straps
  • Docking station
  • Air pump loop
  • Compartment for essentials
  • Elastic strap retainers
  • Reflective LED tab holder
  • Side mesh pockets

Widepacâ„¢ Hydration System Features

  • Helixâ„¢ bite valve - A round design valve with safety shutoff mode
  • Co-Ex tube
  • Tube comes with our special UV protection thread cover
  • Triple layer taste and odor free film
  • Glass Likeâ„¢ Film Technology
  • Grunge-Guardâ„¢ Technology
  • Taste Freeâ„¢ System
  • Easy Care & Low Maintenance

VIM Specs

Size: H 38cm W 22cm
Weight: 246 gr
Hydration: 2L / 70oz Widepacâ„¢
Cargo: Zippered compartment and side net pockets for essentials



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